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Kaneko Hannosuke Brentwood

When you do something this good, it is all you do!

Wildly popular Japanese tempura shop has a new location in Burnaby’s Amazing Brentwood, Tables food court.

Kaneko Hannosuke’s original location was downtown Vancouver. It had seen much success with a full menu that included ramen on top of their signature bowls. They have since permanently closed, leaving the new Brentwood stall as the only place to get their signature Tendon Tempura dishes.

Within the food court, their large island stand affords their chefs plenty of space to prepare their artisan tempura bowls. With none of the additional stressors of having to employ, train, and pay staff additional staff to serve and clean. Being in the mall means they have the added convince of the mall’s dining area and staff to provide seating and to clean up after patrons.

Having visited their original Robson Street location during its high, I can confirm that their menu here has been paired down significantly. No sides or any other specials outside of tendon tempura.

They do offer house blended, bottled juices in either passion fruit or orange. Both are great choices as the citrus in each really accents the fried foods and seafood like a squirt of lime or a squeeze of lemon does.

Each tendon tempura option is similar to the next, but sightly different depending on the main protein you choose. Everything is essentially battered in the same tempura mix, served over the same gummy sushi rice, and comes with the same miniature bottle of tempura sauce on the side for self-dressing. This is ideal as tempura has a short shelf life when sauced, it looses its iconic crispiness if not watched and eaten right away.

Each order comes with a seafood tempura mix that includes shrimp and scallops, tempura seaweed and tempura green beans, plus a soft-boiled egg. Although everything essentially tastes the same in the same seasoning, it is for their various textures that you have it. Crunchy seaweed, chewy scallop chunks, crispy beans, and chewy shrimp. The experience is a treat for your teeth.

If it is your first time, I suggest ordering the Premium Tempura Bowl to get a little bit of everything surrounding their popular conger eel as the feature. The eel has a woodsy flavour to it.

During our visit they had a limited release Salmon tempura bowl, given the accessibility of fresh salmon for the season. Same idea, just the distinct flavour of pink salmon. For this I wanted more sauce to help balance out the strength of the fish.

They also have a mushroom focused tempura bowl, one with oyster tempura, a chicken tempura option, sea scallops, and one with extra ebi shrimp.

And if you don’t want to dine within the food court, you can also take their tempura bowls to go in one of their specialty boxes. It ensures you get the true tendon tempura experience that you just have to assemble yourself. Or eat as is from off of the plastic tray within this to-go box. The tray is designed with pockets to separate all the elements. Wet ginger in the corner, the soft boil egg gets its own compartment, and the heavier tempura is set aside off of the rice, etc.

In closing, it it’s so nice to have fantastic gourmet options like this in an accessible food court like the Amazing Brentwood. With plenty of parking and a location that is convenient to travel to. I love the direction the mall property is going in, and living in the area means I can take advantage of its accessibility without having to drive as far as downtown.

Kaneko Hannosuke Brentwood
4567 Lougheed Hwy. F10, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Z6, Canada
+1 604-336-9036

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