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Noodle Arts

When in search of thick noodles, Joyce of @monkeyeatsworld reminded me of one of her go-to’s in downtown Vancouver and a restaurant we once visited together for such thick noodles.

Here at Noodle Arts, all their noodles are hand pulled, often done so right before they are brought to boil in water. A fantastically interesting process you can witness on the other side of their plexi-walled kitchen. One that we would get to capture with our order of noodles below.

We both like the texture and chew of hand cut noodles so requested those with our Szechuan DanDan Noodles made with spinach, peanuts, and minced pork. The Chef takes a clump of dough and using a knife, rhythmically cuts slices of it into a wok of boiling water.

This ended up being the exact texture I wanted when Joyce and I made our plans to visit. They grip the creamy peanut buttery sauce well and hold its flavour, with plenty more sauce pooled at the bottom for scooping. For my taste I like this a lot more spicy, and easily got it from a side of chilli oil that I requested. To date, this is probably my favourite version of Dan Dan noodles. I highly recommend them, and I am sure I will be back here sooner than later for them, now that I remember it so vividly and fondly.

When we saw it on the menu, we knew we had to also get the Spicy string beans with minced pork. This is classic Chinese dish and an easy way to incorporate vegetables that match the punchy flavours of the rest of your meal. Except these could have used more salt, if not more crumbles of meat to flavour. I also would have liked the beans more crisp, these were overcooked and on the limp side.

And as it came recommended by our server, we also ordered the Scallion pancakes beef roll to share. They were done classically, a fragrant ashy pancake used to wrap dried beef coasted in a salty and tangy brown sauce. It ate as expected.

As I have just declared this my go-to for Chinese style noodles and they have my favourite Dan Dan noodle in the city, I will be back and can definitely recommend them. Visit Noodle Arts for hand pulled noodles and classic Taiwanese cuisine that comforts and satisfies.

Noodle Arts
739 Robson St, Vancouver BC, V6G 1C9
(604) 673-5688

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