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Rib and Chicken

This wasn’t our first choice for Korean food. We failed to make a reservation, so our original choice came with a 45 minute wait. And as all parties were hungry, we decided to have our Korean meat cooked for us, instead of cooking it for ourselves.

The predominately wooden interior gave dining in a cozy feel. Seated in a spacious booth for 4, our party of three were set to indulge.

As common with all Korean restaurants the complimentary appetizers came first. Chilled chewy tofu strips, Sweet potato chunks, and Pickled bamboo shoot. They were unfortunately out of kimchi today, which I found odd for a Korean restaurant.

The restaurant’s name/title pretty much explains it, and therefore we had to order it. We had their Half&Half Chicken choosing the Soy Garlic and the Yangnyeom. Each wing was fried to order and hot to the core. I could have used more salt and sugar from the soy garlic, but the Yangnyeom one had a nice honey finish with a tingle of spice. Together they were a standard Korean fried chicken offering, with a handful of fries for good measure. The fries were crispy and chewy with a soften centre, they were a nice side and one I wish more Korean fried chicken places considered.

For the ribs portion of our meal we got the LA Beef Short Ribs. These were grilled premium Angus beef short Ribs marinated in their own house sauce. I enjoyed how well seasoned these were. Fatty and tender, you enjoyed pulling meat from bone.

The Seafood Tofu Hot Pot was a warming soup. Silken tofu and seafood served bubbling in a stone bowl, along with two bowls of rice. We ordered it non-spicy, but it still came with some heat. A deliciously thick broth with plenty of wiggly tofu to slurp.

Looking to try something different sounding we ordered the Chicken Terimayo Rice Bowl. Bite size fried chicken pieces dressed in a teriyaki mayo sauce, and topped with seaweed flakes, over a bed of rice. It doesn’t look all that appealing, and it has a taste that has to grow on you; but I continued to go back for more bite after bite. The chicken’s creamy tang was a nice contrast to the sweet and salty spicy of everything else we had before. It wasn’t bad, just not what you would expect.

In conclusion, this was a great gem that we wouldn’t have known about if we were patience enough to wait 45 minutes.

Rib & Chicken
1660 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC V5K 4E1
(604) 558-0773

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  1. Haha going to take a guess that your first choice was Kook! Going to have to give that terimayo a try next time I am at rib n chicken

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