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The Living Room

Hotel Belmont is that eye catching pink boutique hotel on Granville Street. If you have ever visited you know their space is divided into areas of a home. From their club/lounge concept on the bottom floor, referred to as the “basement” to their hotel lobby bar and restaurant called the “living room”. They even have private rooms you can rent out and host a “house party” at with out needing it to be at your own house. Rent out the “kitchen” or the “den”, with the colour aesthetics Belmont is known for, themed to the name of the room.

However we were here today to learn more about the former two. Starting at the newly renovated basement for some speciality cocktails, before travelling back upstairs to the Living Room for more drinks and a lighter dinner.

This party space has since seen a face lift with a more mature and opulent feel, while still keeping its popular kitsch like the neon sign that is more tongue than cheek.

Here we had drinks whipped up in mass at their disco ball draped bar.

The Lychee Ginger Fizz was a tasty and easy drinking cocktail prepared with Titos vodka, Soho Lychee Liqueur, lemon juice, cranberry, and ginger. The pink flamingo stir stick of cranberries was a cute touch.

The Spicy Mango Marg was equal parts salty to sweet. Jalapeno-infused Casamigos blanco tequila, Triple Sec, lime, mango juice, and agave.

Served in a tea cup with matching saucer, the name “Pinkies Up” made sense. Bombay Gin, earl grey honey cordial, lemon juice, and orange juniper bitters.

And the Mezcal Mule was another great presentation, not served in the traditional copper mule cup, this one was designed to look like a pineapple with its patterned glass, actual pineapple leaf for garnish, and slice of pineapple topped with tajin seasoning. Sombra Mezcal, lime juice, pineapple syrup, ginger beer, and pineapple star anise bitters.

If looking to get the party started a lot quicker look to one of the Living Room’s trees. This is a group’s worth of drinks presented on a stand. Options include one themed around coffee or pick me ups, another featuring spritzes, and their most popular is the Patron Marg Tree, which is featured. This is 4 8oz cocktails served in mini Patron tequila bottles. In flavours like Classic Lime, Raspberry, Spicy Mango, and Pineapple.

But I was most enamoured by the Cosmic Cowgirl. A florescent blue cocktail topped with a pink plastic cowboy hat keepsake. Don Julio Blanco, blue curacao, peach vanilla syrup, lime juice, and egg white. This is as fun as it looks, and drinks more like juice than liquor.

Like the basement, the Living Room has lost much of it kitsch, keeping a few of its hallmark decor pieces. Most notable, the wall of pastel cord phones and pinball machines. They have also replaced much of their one of a kind furnishings with pieces that are more contemporary, but still fun. Like hot pink bar stools, and tropical palm fronds upholstered couches.

As for food, their new menu is taking into consideration the hotel guests above, looking for comforting and familiar and the late night party vibe that their aesthetic draws in. The latter wanting more easy share plates and fun drinks.

The new dish that they are most proud of is the Burrata. A generous serving of this creamy milky cheese served with Chilli olive tapenade, balsamic, basil, and warm focaccia. More cheese than bread, you needn’t be shy to indulge in more. I would advise just having the cheese spread over the oily toast, and enjoying the olives separate, as they overpower.

The KFC Bao Buns were white bun sandwiches filled with crispy chicken, pickled vegetables, gochujang aioli, and cilantro; finished with sesame seeds. There was a nice crisp on the chicken, the sauce had a latent spice to it, and the slaw added freshness and a nice crunch.

The Steak Frites was a Hanger steak coated in Bulleit Bourbon peppercorn sauce and served alongside roasted tomatoes and skinny fries. We extra indulged with the add on of garlic prawns. The steak was surprisingly well cook for a bar. The peppercorn made the gravy heavier with a savoury spice. Whereas the prawns were nice and buttery and the fries were as expected.

I had big hopes for the Smash Burger seeing as the chef stated it was his favourite. I typically gravitate towards something safe like this when ordering for a bar or an establishment I don’t know much about. Double smash patties, American cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, burger sauce, and a brioche bun.

Sadly the burger didn’t meet my elevated expectations of it. It was good enough but was pretty standard as a soften chewy patty on a buttery milk bun. The condiments were want gave it its flavour and I could have used more.

And if you visit, don’t forget to use their facilities. Their women’s washroom has a couple of fun selfie photo ops and they have left their boobie wallpapered ceiling untouched.

In closing, The Living Room and basement are two great spots for enjoying creative photographic drinks at. I would recommend them for a fun starting point on your next night out downtown.

The Living Room
Hotel Belmont Vancouver
654 Nelson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K4
(604) 605-4333

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