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Art Vancouver 2022, International Art Fair

Did you know it is going to rain more this week than the entire month of may? So just in time, here is a fun thing to do indoors the weekend of May 5th to the 8th.

After a 2 year pandemic hiatus, Art Vancouver returns to the Vancouver Convention Centre. For those who have never been, this is essentially an art show with artists and pieces woven together. Erected walls offer numerous artists a space to display their creative outlets. Ticket holders then peruse the convention centre floor at their own pace. Pausing at pieces that speak to them, with the ability to engage in the artist who created them, and to take photos to remember them.

Various forms of art are included. From the traditional like painting, prints, and sculptures; to the modern with plenty of pop culture references, flat screens in place of a canvases, and even augmented reality.

On this night we attended the VIP media opening with minimal crowds and the shortest lines for the cash bar that included wine, beer, and coolers. Because casual chit chat is best done with drink in hand.

VIPs and media were given an hour earlier access/entry, but many artists were still setting up and the bar would not be open until the general admission time slot. General admission tickets are a flat price and each gives you access to the entire weekend of events. More on that below.

Tonight’s schedule mentioned a red carpet event for opening night, however it apparently didn’t come on time. The Face of Art Runway Walk did go as planned. It is as it sounds. All the participating artists walked a runway with their signature piece, as the announcer gave the audience some background information on each. It was a creative way to connect art with the artist.


Below are a few photos of the pieces that spoke to me the most. And the schedule of programming is available on their website, link below. Hopefully it entices you to visit and support local art.


So take this as your invitation to expand your art knowledge and appreciation, with the city’s first art show since covid. Many of the artists have not presented their work since 2019, and many have created their show pieces during the Pandemic. Only running this weekend from May 5th to the 8th.

Art Vancouver

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