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U Pick at Taves Farms

I have been capitalizing on berry picking season, so today was at Taves Farms in Abbotsford, sussing out their berry fields. It is currently strawberry season, but they have a large assortment of crop, to literally and figuratively pick from, all throughout the year. A larger and more varied listing than at other farms including goji berries, apples, plums, and pumpkins.

Their property is the largest farm I have been to in British Columbia, with dedicated fields sectioned off for different crops. The strawberry field is all the way at the back, after the apple and plum orchards, and just before the pumpkin fields. It isn’t marked or manned, but the other folks waist down in the row of crops are a good sign.

The strawberries here are modest, some of the reddish and sweetest. But they do require a lot more work to rummage past leaves to find. This is a special variety of strawberries, new to the farm and knowns as the Rainier strawberry and the Albion strawberry. The former comes late-season, a cultivar with a good-flavoured, large fruit. The latter everbearing, with large, uniform, and very sweet berries. (Both as per Wikipedia)

After your pick through the berry fields and collect your bounty there are still plenty to occupy yourself with. Taves is my favourite farm for the variety of animals they keep. From goats to ducks, llamas to peacocks. Any known farm dwelling create they have, and then some. And best of all you can easily interact with them up close and personal.

Located all throughout the property half the fun is exploring and discovering a pen and a new friend. The ducks and chickens are by the entrance. The goats can be seen on roofs and crossing their “troll bridge”, the bunnies are kept warm and cozy in the barn with baby chickens. The pigs have their own pen and aren’t opposed to grabbing some goat feed, if a hand out comes their way. And in the extended play area lives a collection of intermingling goats, donkey, and llamas. They surround the perimeter of the push pedal cart track, and beside the jumping pad. The sheep are antisocial so have their own pen furthest from the entrance.

And those who don’t fear a bit of grime, you can enter the goat pen and have baby goats walk right on to your lap. Purchase a bag of feed and they will swarm. I highly recommend the experience; it warms your heart.

Not available during this latest trip out, but something I know to look out for thanks to my previous visit is their marketplace. A store with farm fresh goods that includes fresh produce, frozen foods, dried snacks, and jarred preserves. All their offerings are on rotation and by what is available during the season.

Be sure to stop by their cidery where all the fruit they bear on site gets turned into cider. Try many varieties through one of their flights or grab a glass of what you like and enjoy. Apple, gooseberry, and black currant, just to name a few. For the fall they even have pear and pumpkin cider. My favourite is their barrel aged apple cider, which gives you more depth. and a similar sip to that of a crisp dry white.

And for all ages drinking, Taves also has non-alcoholic apple cider slushies to help beat the heat with. Enjoy the ciders and the slushie on their backyard patio with picnic tables and shade from golf umbrellas. Situated adjacent to the goat play pen and their jungle gym tree house slide, the view cannot be compared.

In short, Taves is the one to visit for any animal lovers and those looking for some delicious cider. And stay tuned for all their great events throughout the year: like corn roasted to order, pumpkins shot out of cannons, and adult Easter Egg hunts after hours.

Taves Farms
333 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 8A7
(604) 853-3108

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