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2022 Honda Passport TrailSport

This week we were behind the wheel of Honda’s off road focused SUV, the 2022 Passport, TrailSport Edition.

Honda recently updated the 2022 Passport with a slightly more aggressive appearance including new grills and more rugged looking bumpers. And the TrailSport designation takes the exterior further with exclusive 18-inch Firestone Destination off-road tires and the TrailSport badge in highlighter orange. The TrailSport also has modes that allow you to adjust the drive based on the terrain: mud, snow, and sand. Although with its lower bumper and stance and no real under carriage protection to deflect larger debris or boulders, a degree of caution is still required. Sadly, we would not get a chance to put this to the test.

The interior is robust feeling with an extra spacious cabin and plenty of room for both driver and passenger on the centre arm rest, as well as individual arm rests for individual seats. Passengers are left feeling separated and therefore it grants each individual more room to breathe. The car seats are firm and cushy with additional bouncy comfort for any off-road work. Plus a wonderfully firm lumbar that releases lower back pressure during any extended drive. And a little thoughtful feature is the back lit door handle for added visibility. What we really disliked was the blurry quality of the backup camera. It appeared as if the video was dissolving. It would have been nice to have something sharper to actually see what you are doing back there, given the expanse of the vehicle.

The centre console tray has an interesting indented space done in a faux carbon fibre finish. It is designed as a conversation starter that you can throw your keys and smalls in so that it doesn’t jostle around during your commute. This was far more useful than the unresponsive, wireless charging block and the calculator app that gave drivers the option to address issues with sin, cos and/or tan. Although who is really doing basically trigonometry while driving? And is that not considered distracted driving?

As for the way the Passport TrailSport edition handles, it is smooth. The wheel practically glides through your gripped fingers. And the suspension feels soft with a lucid response. Easy over potholes, and it breezes over speed bumps. It is a very comfortable ride, if not a little too large for everyday driving. Narrow lanes, low hanging underground parkades, the Passport struggled. The SUV is best enjoyed as the passenger, where you have ample extended leg room to sprawl across the dash. I would rather have the Passport TrailSport’s dependable reliability than all the luxury features of any other car.

Another great ride from Honda to consider taking you from your everyday work commute to your weekend escape out of the city, while looking good behind the wheel.



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