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2023 Ford Maverik Lariat Hybrid

This week we were sporting the 2023 Ford Maverik Lariat Hybrid, and if there ever was a truck designed for every day city driving, this is it.

The 2023 Ford Maverik fits its name to a tee, as a jack of all trades. You get the cargo and towing capacity of a truck, but the fuel economy that you look for in a daily driver sedan. You also don’t expect a truck to be this agile and easy to handle. The lowered stance has you planted on the ground. You don’t feel the back flicking out or much body rolling on narrow turns. Plus it is easy to climb in and out of without any assisted step needed.

But the highlight is definitely the great fuel economy, made even more impressive when you consider that this is a truck we are talking about, and they are not widely known as being the most gentle on gas. With the 2023 Maverick Hybrid we got in a whole week’s worth of regular driving at just a quarter of the tank.

And this was a refill of regular petrol, where you didn’t have to use premium level fuel to top up, so you are saving there as well. But of course, the main reason for the fuel conservation is due to the rechargeable battery and the option for eco-mode used in conjunction.

The “battery coach” guides you across the dash, alerting you of how much you are charging based on the way you slow your brakes to a stop. This is to the point that you aim for the 100% everything time, like a game, and your prize is less spent at the pump. Very well designed.

The Maverick looks as rugged on the inside as it does on the outside, but with a lot more creature comforts and modern conveniences built in. On top of the eco-mode there are also climate based settings, and a sports mode; most of which you don’t often see in a mid range truck.

The media options are easy to identify, zoned within their own sections; and easy to reach from the driver’s seat. Other features include individual climate control, heated seats, C and USB cable capabilities, a wireless charging pad, and even a cigarette lighter. You even have the ability to lower the tailgate/hitch with a push of a switch.

I appreciated all the deep and wide plastic compartments on either sides of the front cabin doors for storage. And the sturdy handle with the rivets for an easy grip on pushing open and pulling shut the heavy door.

More storage space can be found within the spacious glove compartment, and the deep centre console compartment with plenty of binning options within. I also noted how comfortable the latter was to rest your arm on when closed, as the centre console was raised to my elbow level.

We got good sound from the B&O speakers. Where there was a good echo and depth.

There was even a sunroof, but given how small and narrow it was, it felt more like a cosmetic feature and a just nice to have.

Looking out the back, there was a smaller rear windshield, which as typical with trucks. Luckily, the magnifying rear view mirror really helps to give more depth, when looking at what is behind you. And when you put the car in reverse, there is an overhead view of your vehicle, and either ends of the tailgate to eliminate blind spots.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an every day driving truck, let the 2023 Ford Maverik Lariat Hybrid be your go to for an easy ride that gives back.


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