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2023 Ford Ranger

The days are getting colder and the season for peak camping is almost over. And whenever I think camping or anything to do with the outdoors I tend to think of Ford. This is a testament to their marketing and branding team, as they have done well to establish themselves as the linchpin of rugged utility trucks, with slogans like “built Ford tough”.

Case in point, our latest whip of the week feature: the 2023 Ford Ranger.

This was neither the top of the line or the base model, but a good fit for our camping excursion, somewhere in the middle. A mid-sized truck that still gave you the height and accompanying vantage point. Along with the agility of a more compact vehicle that is lower to the ground, for stability. Without a doubt this was a truck that moved quick.

Built for city roads and off-roading, the Ranger gives you the option to switch from two to four wheel drive. Allowing you to control your power for more challenging terrain and thus the fuel consumption that accompanies it. This is the FX4 Off-Road Package With Terrain Management System™, Trail Control™, and all-terrain tires available in the Ford Ranger XL, Ranger XLT, and Ranger Lariat. It has the capability to power through rugged conditions with its 2.3 litre Ecoboost® Engine, better known as the best gas torque in its class. (As taken from the press release.)

The above also lends to the handling with quick turns on the dime, the agility to change highway lanes with ease, and the power to overtake any large class one vehicle. The latter we noted was helped by great acceleration, felt as soon as your foot hit the pedal. A motion accompanied by solid handling behind the sturdy wheel. Being already familiar with the Ford Escape, we found the Ranger comparable to its range of abilities (excuse the intentional pun).

We found the front seats surprisingly comfortable, a soft but firm support. I could have used more lumbar for what would be more common, longer driver and excursions out of the city. The Ranger is also equipped with a large enough cabin that you can host a couple of backseat passengers comfortably.

Overall, a great transition truck that goes from city to country with ease. Built with that duality in mind and the durability and sensibility that Ford is known for.


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