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2023 Mercedes GLC 300

This week we had a bit of indulgence in our daily commute, thanks to the 2023 Mercedes GLC300. A city sedan that drives like a sports car, all wrapped up in luxury features.

The black on black with chrome finishing was a sleek look on the GLC300, but more subtle for the brand. For my tastes, I could would have liked to see more of said chrome for a more flashy appeal. I mean if I am in a Mercedes, I want everyone to see it and me within it.

Inside, the cabin was a mix of materials including an eye-catching glossy plastic in a carbon fibre-like pattern. It splashed across the dash and centre console, giving the cabin a very modern, sleek, and cohesive feel. At the centre of this is the touch screen navigation that looks like a giant iPad. You control it as such, with an additional touch screen navigation bar at the bottom.

When reversing this screen switches to a very high definition view of the front and back-up camera. The image broadcasted was so detailed that I wanted to take photos with it. I could even make out the veins on the coloured leaves that littered the ground.

And as with all Mercedes models, it has LED colour customizable trim that adds a pop of fun. Some colour therapy, as you drive at night. Choose any hue from the colour wheel and have it paint your surroundings and mood. We liked the futuristic purple.

The centre compartment bin is spring loaded. This retractable cover locks into place, and will ease back down and close on its own if not. And within this compartment there are additional bins: adjustable cup holders with rubber matting, C-cable and USB ports, plus a wireless charging mat that hides you phone, from your view completely. The bin is also lit in the same hue you choose above.

For more space to store, look to the inset bin above the driver’s dash.

Notable is the dainty handle of the doors, and all the seating controls that surround it, which includes seat warming. Both driver and passenger front seats have the option to save up to 3 seat configurations in memory. This is great to have considering you have so many options to help fine tune your seat to your precise preference.

You have the ability to adjust every component of your seat, as seen from the pictograph button. Manipulate the height and distance of the head rest, the back of the chair, the base of the seat, and where the your highs overhang. And on top of that how much and firm you want the lumbar to be.

The one thing the 2023 Mercedes GLC300 doesn’t have is massaging seats, although it looks like it should have such an option. Instead, it has something called “Seat kinetics”. It is an option you turn on and can leave on for a set amount of time. What it does is adjust your seat based on the ride and road under the vehicle. Subtle movements where you can feel the base of the seat lift up and the back of the chair straighten. It is designed to keep you feeling centred and well balanced, with even weight distribution.

On top of that the GLC has the most customizable head rest that I have ever seen. You can have it pop out and protrude, to better support the back of your head; or raise and lower it for the most comfort, automatically.

And seeing as you will be spending so much additional time in your your Mercedes, because of how comfortable and aesthetically appealing it is, it is nice that they have put just as much thought into the sound system. The 2023 GLC300 is equipped with great speakers from Burmester. I have never heard of the make before, but was easily impressed by the ability to fine tune this experience as well. You can infinitely adjust the audio: balancing base and treble with a literal orchestra of sound. Bass, intensive, speech, and brilliance. Even customizing the surround sound ability. We honestly spent the first hour with the car fiddling with this control.

As for the way it drives, the expectation and experience does not skip a beat. The Mercedes drives like a dream with its noise cancelling cabin, firm suspension, and supple seats that supports and minimizes bumps felt under the vehicle. It handles like it glides, easy on the turns, for some of the smoothest driving. And a lightweight wheel that still gives the driver the feeling of control behind it, with power steering.

Great in the day on your congested commute, but a treat at night with ambiance lighting and a full panoramic sunroof. The latter noticeable, once you retract the springy, net-like covering over it, by gliding of your finger on the track pad.

In short, a stunning vehicle and a treat to drive. Happy to have a Mercedes in our roster every and any time.



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