2023 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SR CVT

This week we were sporting the 2023 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SR CVT with its striking burnt orange shell, lowered stance, and eye catching edges. The latter includes a stylish fender that adds a sporty appeal to the frame of this city sedan; especially when paired with the all gloss black rims. A great trim makes all the difference and this was a great example.

There was plenty of sprawling room within the front cabin. The interior is a mix of faux leather and a rubber detail on door and dash. This had a nice tactile, matte-suede-like finish.

Bucket seats allows the front driver and passenger to sit soft, but also supports with a firm hold. A pleasant seat to say the least.

The centre console binning is deeper and wider than most, allowing good compartmenting at the front. The ability to hide personal belongings to allow for a more peaceful setting, much like their minimalistic dash and overall approach with the interior.

Driving as much as I do in the city and on the highway, it is nice to have the tire pressure gauge visible and listed as a percentage. Something we have not yet seen.

Quality Bose speakers had the music flowing during the daily rush hour commute.

As for the way it drives, it was easy to handle behind the wheel. Smooth controls and turns done on a dime. And when need be, the engine does not under perform, even when going up hill. And thanks to eco mode our fuel went further.

In short, a solid and standard drive, a great on in the city.

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