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2024 Lincoln Corsair Reserve

This week we were sporting the sleek and sexy 2024 Lincoln Corsair Reserve. It was love at first sight. Solid and stocky with its stark white body against black glossy wheels, the hatch back build hides how sporty the Corsair Reserve really is.

It is my experience than any vehicle with a red leather interior screams sporty and typically has the mode to match. The Lincoln with its cherry red did not disappoint.

Lincoln designers have taken extra time to ensure that the driver and front passenger are comfortable in their seats, with the ability to make minute adjustments to each. Outside of the back and positioning of the seat, you are able to tweak the base of the chair by hemisphere. Adjusting how much of it extends or retracts to support each individual thigh, left and right. Although I felt it foreign and not in my comfort zone of familiarly, I can see how such a feature can alleviate extra strain while engaged in extended driving periods. Especially if you extend and better support the right leg when it is hammering down on the gas and braking hard.

On top of this you also have detailed lumbar adjustment and can control how firm you want your seat in what places; overall how tight the bucket seat holds you. It does take some time to customize with over 5 options in degrees from 1 to 5.

But all this is moot, if you decide to opt in for the massaging chair feature. With the ability for lower back rolling, upper back rolling, or a relaxing full body massage. The massaging gears aren’t too strong, it is just a gentle churning were applicable. I wish I had the ability to control the strength, as I found myself digging back and butt into seat.

On top of applying maximum effort on comfort, they also focus on convenience for the driver. The infotainment system, centre console, and dashboard are minimal and easy to navigate. Less is more without extra switches or dials. Similar in design is the driving wheel with square paddle joysticks on either side to help navigate through options on the screen behind the wheel.

Broadcasted on the windshield is the most information I have seen in any other vehicle. Not just speed and the limit, as is common in other makes and models. But a map with your inputted directions, how many kilometres left in the tank, and the temperature outside. And although this may sound like a lot, it isn’t too much of an eyesore and easy enough to tune out.

As for the way the Lincoln handles, it is responsive and engaging, and the engine roars to life. Minimal body rolling, great handling on turns, and most of the external noise is blocked out when the windows are rolled up. A vehicle designed for the driver, but one any passenger can appreciate.

I found their take on the drive modes creative. They have rebranded the various settings to match the vibe of the vehicle. “Conserve” instead of the typical “eco mode”. “Sports” mode, has been re-named “excite”, which really speaks to the power and propulsion you are getting. “Normal” mode is described as being effortless and balanced. And there is also a mode for slippery, slick, and icy surfaces.

Overall this was a great drive and ride you want to be seen with and in.


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