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A week with the 2022 Acura RDX

This week we were sporting Acura’s luxury sport crossover SUV. Like a few of Honda and Acura’s other models, 2022 saw the RDX get a mini facelift. Tweaks to the SUV’s grill and bumper, plus exhaust tips. Slight differences that the majority of the population won’t necessarily catch or appreciate, but a thoughtful aesthetic modification for those detail-oriented, car folks that do. It still remains a handsome vehicle at an affordable price for a recognizable, luxury brand label. A slimmer body design and a slightly more compact shell from their next model up.

With a roomy front cabin, wide panoramic sunroof, and great lumbar support the RDX is a driver focused vehicle. Nothing feels inexpensive or flimsy. Like the supple soft leather of the steering wheel, that provides a cushy grip. And the responsiveness from each flick of a toggle or push of a button. I fully appreciated the solid pushback responsiveness that illustrates the action requested has been initiated.

Like all of the 2022 models, the RDX comes with a wireless smart phone charging pad and the ability to sync your device with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivity, or Amazon Alexa integration. You are also equipped with all the latest features like power-adjustable seating, heated front seats, and dual-zone climate control.

Taking a page out of other luxury brand’s playbooks the 2022 Acura RDX also includes interior ambient lighting with the ability to scroll through 27 different colours and shades. Your selection lights up the door handles, accents the door’s caddy compartments, and gives visibility in the glove compartment. I like the functionality of this as it is proven that colour affects mood, so with the RDX you can prescribe your own your colour therapy. A little ambiance that makes night driving that much more enjoyable.

The centre infotainment system is built in a stack, I liked the linear design and alignment of all the buttons in place of a gear shift. Although I did not find myself using the touch pad, given that it was easier to simply reach for the bottoms on the wheel or give the larger knob a twist. Although I did appreciate the consideration put in for cushioned wrist rest, should I want to.

You get the aggressive roar of the engine as you accelerate. The 2022 RDX is easy to handle and fairly responsive. As a slightly smaller SUV, its build is better for agility. Plus, you don’t lose out on cargo space with the ability to fold down the back seats at a push of a button. And with various dynamic modes including comfort, sport, and snow you can customize your drive per your conditions. Thus, making the Acura RDX a great vehicle for your daily commute and your weekend getaway.

For my driving needs, I found the RDX best suited to highway cruising where it has the speed and power to take on those quicker turns at a dime, and the power to continuously propel without forcing the gas pedal down. Overall, a very satisfying drive from a luxury brand that doesn’t necessarily give you that air of stuffy luxury. Approachable and comfortable.


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