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Kim’s Fried Chicken

When spending the day in Chilliwack fishing, you eventually need to eat. So when looking for a quick bite we turned to Kim’s fried Chicken, for fried chicken naturally.

Small town, simple decor, you walk in expecting the minimum to avoid disappointment. And as blunt as that sounds, it works. The menu items are pasted on the window in advertisement. Inside, the chandelier and Japanese style curtain rod felt out of place. But other than that the dining experience is pretty cut and paste. You order at the back counter and eat at one of the booths.

Once again, we naturally had to order their name sake. Any of their chicken is available in a half serving with 12 pieces or a full serving with 24 pieces. And you can have it boneless or bone-in. We went 24 pieces of bone-in chicken for three hungry adults, in regular and spicy flavours.

The regular was fried crunchy to a slight burn. Dry and almost ashy due to it. The side of spicy sauce we asked for did help to inject some moisture into our bites. Although it only left our regular chicken tasting like our spicy order below.

The spicy chicken was thickly breaded and just as thickly coated in the spicy sauce, with a gravy-like consistency. Sweet and sticky and only slightly spicy. Pretty standard in terms of spicy Korean chicken.

We ate it with steamed rice as a filler and some spicy and tangy kimchi to complete the Korean dining experience.

I honed in on the crispy Brussel sprouts to satisfy my craving for vegetables. They were tasty enough with a sweet garlic glaze, but hardly crispy or the best rendition I have had.

Similarly, the French fries were just as regular. Nothing memorable, just a standard pairing and a starchy side we craved with our chicken.

Overall, this isn’t the kind of stop you travel great distances for. Just one that is there out of convenience, the only Korean restaurant in the surrounding area. Our only option when craving Korean chicken in Chilliwack.

Kim’s Fried Chicken
5725 Vedder Rd #4, Chilliwack, BC V2R 3N4
(604) 846-1212

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