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Twins Donuts

I had seen these doughnuts featured on @foodologyca’s page and wanted to give them a try. I am actually collecting a list of my favourite doughnuts in and around Vancouver, seeing as it seems to be this year’s foodie trend; so naturally Filipino inspired doughnuts had to be considered.

They work out of a commissary kitchen, so you need to place a order and pick up at the selected date and time. They work out of a warehouse in Burnaby, so was easy enough for me to get to.

I was treated to one of each flavour, to be able to complete this comprehensive post, covering all the doughnuts that Twins Doughnuts craft in small batches, by hand.

Each of the doughnuts have the exact same base. Picked up fresh, so that the dough still had its light and airy in texture. Although structurally denser than other yeast doughnuts, as I suspect that is so they can hold all the luscious fillings and toppings this collection carries. Twins Doughnuts are stuffed full and come up creamy and runny once bitten into.

The Leche/ Dulce Flan was my favourite, what a presentation, and the perfect poster-child to representative their collection of Filipino-inspired desserts. Leche flan, creme caramel, icing sugar, and caramel sauce. If not eaten right away, I advise giving it a little spin in the microwave to have it soft and supple. Each bite a gelatinous cushion, combining two desserts into one.

I liked the freshness of the Lemon Curd, but did not feel like this was all that Filipino influenced. Lemon cream cheese mousse, lemon curd, icing sugar, and lemon meringue. This was properly prepared lemon curd: sweet to tart, then ending in tangy.

The Nutella Cream cheese was a nice twist on an otherwise pretty regular flavour. Nutella cream cheese, nutella gnache, roasted peanuts, and salted caramel sauce. The saltiness of the cream cheese and the fragrance of the roasted nuts added another layer to the familiar hazelnut filling in a semi-sweet chocolate.

The Bailey’s Cream didn’t quite deliver on expectations. Given the ingredients listed Whiskey cream custard, whisky gnache, chocolate cornflakes, and salted caramel sauce; I expected some semblance to liquor. A smokiness or a kick. This was not Bailey’s and not chocolate, it ate like a higher end, fastfood cream filled doughnut with stale cornflakes on top.

I also really like the Avocado Krema doughnut, it was a close tie to being my favourite of our box of 8. Avocado mousse, Belgian white chocolate, and an avocado sauce. The promise and the flavour of avocado lands, made silken and dessert-like with the addition of white chocolate.

The Coconut Latik/Caramel was also not as expected. Coconut caramel and roasted shredded coconut are how it is described. I expected the flavour of coconut in Asian Cuisine, but instead this rendition felt very Westernized; especially with the use of shredded coconut, which I don’t quite like the sandy and dry texture of.

The Strawberry Cheesecake was another Westernized offering, where I was here for and most excited for Filipino doughnuts and the flavours of fruit and sweets common to the Philippines like corn, cheese, polvoron, and halo halo.

This was Strawberry cheesecake mousse, Belgian white chocolate, dried strawberry, and raspberry powder. This doughnut didn’t feel all that cohesive, each element was better on its own. Like the filling that was made with real strawberries and the chocolate topping that was much too sweet, which ended up masking the fresh fruit filling. And the cream cheese tasted more like a tangy yogurt than a frosting befitting the title dessert.

The Ube Coconut doughnut featured the iconic purple hue, common to many Filipino desserts. Ube, purple yam, coconut milk, ube white chocolate gnache, and an ube crumble. This is another doughnut that was heavy at room temperature, and best given new life and energy from a trip in the microwave. I didn’t get much sweet yam, it tasted more like coconut, but it doesn’t matter because it still fit the bill.

Overall this was a creative idea and way to bring something new to the doughnut game. Twins Doughnut is definitely making it to my list of doughnuts to recommend. And if they continue to incorporate more Filipino-inspired flavours and may be even some savoury options, they are golden. Can recommend.

Twins Donuts
5279 Still Creek Ave a5, Burnaby, BC V5C 5V1
(778) 881-9734

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