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2022 Acura MDX

Everything happens for a reason.

Sadly, due to my own carelessness and some unforeseen circumstances, I was in BC for the week, and not on my intended trip to Montreal. And to worsen the situation, my regular vehicle was also indisposed of.

I drive a 2008 Acura MDX, but lucky for me this coincided with the week I would have the 2022 Acura MDX on loan. Seeing as I own the older generation model, it stands to reason that I am a fan of the brand and the make. The fun bit here was being able to compare the two vehicles with its over 14 years apart.

Having driven a few other Acura models, I was already familiar with the latest interface. The dash is well designed, everything has its own place and space, handsome in cosmetic appearance. The minor details are what has won me over. Like the push-pop reveal for both USB and c-cable outlets. And the cushion wrist rest with grip option. This cross bar is set over your wireless phone charger, adjacent to the touch pad. This positioning allows your phone to be within reach, but at a discrete and concealed location as to not have the temptation before you.

The MDX in particular has a very responsive touch pad. Light to the sense, and pretty easy to figure out, unless you were expecting to scroll up, but instead have to physically move your finger down; and reversely: move down for up.

But truly the big win for the vehicle is the comfort it offers both the driver and the passenger within the front cabin. You have the ability to micro-adjust your seat with upper and lower back considerations. With a flick of a button, you can adjust the gauge of your lumbar support; the amount of pressure and squeeze the seat surrounds you in; and the distance the bottom seat cushion extends out to, to elevate your thighs on. And you can move the head rest forward or push it back for better neck lengthening positions.

On top of the standard cooling and heating seats, the MDX comes with a massaging seat function and an automatic mode to allow the vehicle to choose what it is you need. The massaging feature is built not only into the seat of the driver, but for the chair of the front seat passenger as well. This is best felt when you customize your seat to the “nth” most degree.

There are several massaging modes that focus on different parts of the body, or different types of massages. Including lower back, upper back, and shiatsu. There is a “wave” sensation, “steps” is a cascade of pressure from lower to upper back, and “rejuvenation” focuses on hip motions, pivoting them up and down left and right. I was a fan of the latter most, having my seated butt rolled during my 1-hour commute. And for those who want a little bit of everything there are hybrid modes that give a smattering of sensations, with “awake” being a random burst to help keep the driver alert.

Coupled with the heated seat option on high, it does feels like you are applying a heat pad to your back, and well rounding out your relaxing spa session. The massage does time out, so in order to maximize this feature you need to keep an eye on it. It was so comfortable that I found myself leisurely driving around for the week. And even continuing to sit and rest within the 2022 Acura MDX, long after reaching my intended destination.

As for the way it drives, the MDX has several driving modes like sports, lift, and snow. The lift and snow are ideal for off roading and uneven terrain. But not necessary for city street driving. For a larger vehicle the Acura MDX is very agile. It hugs corners and is sturdy on turns. There is a lot of power in the motor, which is easily assessable with a turn of the dial above. But considering I was engaging in comfort-fostering behaviours, the comfort mode with the most suspension seemed like the best fit.

With the rainy weather washing up excess oil and debris on the roads, it is best to slow down and be vigilant, and with the MDX’s 360-degree sensors and the speedometer that is broadcasted on the windshield, this is easier to do. Up front to keep it top of mind, this definitely helped to keep me in check, and law abiding.

And should you choose to sync your device with the Apple Play phone to car connection and use your map’s GPS function for navigation, the step-by-step directions with easy-to-follow arrows are also broadcasted before you on the windshield. A feature that is once again helpful for someone like me; someone who tends to be absent minded and notorious for getting lost or taking the wrong turns, even despite the GPS talking and directing you every step of the way.

In closing, I did not miss my 2008 model, but have spent every day after this week missing the 2022 Acura MDX. My driving posture and long-distance driving joy has just not been the same.

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