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2023 Ford F-150 Supercrew Hybrid

This week we were sporting the 2023 Ford F150, and learned first hand as to why their slogan is “Built Ford Tough”.

This seemed like the perfect vehicle for our drive out to Maple Ridge, to visit to a local farm. We even dressed the part, dawning plaid, boots, and me with cowboy hat.

For most, the truck may seem intimidating, especially as it is larger and takes up much of the width of the road. I would learn first hand that this not an easy daily driver. That there is the need to over steer and maneuver the truck more than with most vehicles.

Its length and girth prevents you from pulling into just any parking spot. Parallel parking was a challenge and was avoided on my end, if possible. And even when it came to stall parking I found myself completing a 3-6 point pivot, to stay within the lines. This was then a twice a day activity in order to enter and exit my building’s underground. And of course instinctively ducking down when it came time to pull in and out of the garage, for fear that the elevated roof would scrape against the garage door operator. Although I am sure if I had the F150 for more than a week, practice would improve my handling.

The plus or having a vehicle this large is that you get a great vantage point of the road, from your lofty throne. I have never sat in a monster truck, but this was the closest I have gotten to that sensation thus far. Aside from the extra seat room and more cabin space, there is also plenty of cargo room, and torque that you don’t know what to do with.

For shorter ladies like myself, I was appreciative of the extending step. When you near the Ford F150 with fob in hand a step stool-like ledge extends out on either sides. This was an ideal height to help you climb into the raised cabin, that retracts back before you pull out and drive.

Similarly, the door is on the heavier side, so it is nice to be able to open it within, with a squeeze of a lever towards you and a forceful push open. The above two are small everyday conveniences that matter if this was your regular mode of transportation.

The leather finished within, including detailing on the door, dash, and arm rest adds to its rugged and built “ford tough” appeal. I enjoyed the extra splashiness of a gear shift that tucks away and withdraws upwards with a push of a button. This also allows for the top half of the arm rest to fold out and create a flat table top surface between driver and front passenger. I thought it great for picnics on the go or as a makeshift work station.

The same arm rest can then further open up to reveal a deep and spacious middle compartment. I was easily able to fit a medium sized purse in it and a bottle of wine. It also has a utility plastic compartment for coins and small bobbins.

As hinted at earlier, of all the vehicles I have sat in, this is one of the most spacious. A full sedan worth of front and back seat room. Each individual chair large and firm with plenty of wiggle room to sprawl out on. Electric seat and wheel adjustments to meet your measurements and your needs.

I would have liked a more rounded lumbar support, whereas it felt like two prongs extending from either sides of the seat, and pushing against your back. Not uncomfortable, but given the build the seat it leaves you longing for a lazy-boy sort of recline and a massaging option to go with it. Which it has neither.

What the F150 does have is utility and lots of it. The standard Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay options, heating and cooling seats with individual climate control. The now common place C and USB cable outlets on the centre console and within the centre compartment as well, plus a wireless charging pad. Most exciting was the ability to plug in any appliance or piece of equipment that needed a standard North American plug. There was also another outlet above it, that I was unfamiliar with and did not use. However, for the former, I imagined being able to boil water and even toast food in the truck, further utilizing that fold out table.

The 2023 F150’s towing capabilities were prominent on the dash, right beside the wheel. With a push of a button you are able to unlock and unhook what you are towing. And have the ability to turn a knob to adjust the drive for the road conditions and the what you are hauling.

Overall, not a vehicle I would look to for my daily commuting, especially given its fuel economy, but for off-roading and camping excursions it would be ideal. A large fuel tank, truck sized cargo room, hauling capabilities, and the possibility to utilize the tailgate, this is a great one to have.


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