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2023 Genesis GV70 Electric & 3.5T Sport Plus

Would luck so have it, we were loaning the 2023 Genesis GV70 Electric and 2023 Genesis GV70 Sport Plus on back to back weeks, meaning we were able to write a decent comparison piece on the two.

Essentially both vehicles are one and the same. The GV70 is Genesis’ mid range hatchback. Both models above have the same body and a lot of the same functions. Where they differ is their fuel type and a few luxury perks that only the 2023 Genesis GV70 3.5T Sport Plus has (hence the name).

Although I did find that I preferred the white paint job of the 2023 Genesis GV70 Electric, as it made the curvature and the angles of the body work all the more prominent. Not to mention the extra detailing in the spokes of the rims were eye catching.

But in my opinion, all the Genesis models look modern and sleek, as their intention is to have a road ready, luxury vehicle, with all the functionality of a daily driver.

Within, the luxury feel continues with firm faux leather seats and a matching dash with double stitched accent. The Sports model has a carbon fibre-like pattern for cosmetics, set across on the door panel and along either sides of the centre consul. Both electric and gas models have wide and well raised arm rests. There is enough room for two, and your elbows don’t have to touch. And above, a panoramic sunroof to enjoy a look out a different window.

Navigation of the infotainment system is done via a crystal rimmed dial with white face plate. Although striking from the side, I wish the crystal motif carried on to the whole piece for a more seamless look. Although as is, this did parallel the plastic and acrylic build of the gear shift dial under it, more.

Standard in the GV70 is a nestled, slanted compartment for charging your phone wirelessly, as well as two USB cables to connect and charge that way. The wireless option was challenging to figure out, as the function doesn’t turn on automatically, and you have to activate it. Thankfully there was a search function on the infotainment system itself, and were able able to “google” where to go and how to do it.

Here, I would strongly suggest taking the time to scroll through all the vehicle settings. There are so many detailed options to give you the ability the customize your ride, just the way you like it. For example: many times each turn single flashes, how many pushes of the button you need to unlock your vehicle, the speed in which the tailgate goes up and down, and to what height. There are even customizable reminders like oil changes and safety alerts telling you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel when engaged in the auto pilot. Not to mention the customizable ambient lighting within the cabin, that was a nice to have.

Similarly, you can customize you breaking with the 2023 Genesis GV70 electric. There are four levels of intelligent braking that allow you to set the pace of motion, for when you let go of the gas, and the car slowly rolls to a stop for you. This helps with the charging of it.

Continuing to fine tune your driving experience you have the ability to adjust the front two seats with just as much fidgeting. The driver seat does allow a little more option control. You can either fiddle around with the buttons on the side of the chair, or direct your gaze to the infotainment system and allow the pre-set customizations to take some of that work off your hands. You can adjust the base of the seat for more thigh support, the extension of the lumbar between lower and upper back, or both; and the wings of the chair and how hold much they hold and support you.

Worth noting is that the visual adjustment of the seat is only available in the 2023 GV70 Sport Plus. Here, there are options for smart posture and care, and the ability to enjoy Genesis’s ergo motion massaging on your pelvic, lumbar, and/or whole body.

As for the way the 2023 GV70 handles, for both the electric and sport version they are hard and fast on the acceleration, even on an incline. You only need to tap the gas pedal and the speed is instant. You can feel the horse power through your hands? on the ergonomic steering wheel. A narrower grip, which allows for a better hold.

Drivers have the ability to choose your driving type between: Eco, Comfort, Sport, MY customization, Mud, Snow, and Sand. When turning left or right, side cameras switch on behind the wheel’s dash in order to help capture blind spots.

And the 2023 GV70 Electric even has a red boost button on the steering wheel, for an easy accessible push and a thrust of additional speed. Fully charged it has around 300km in it. And a fun to have is the ability to choose its artificial engine sounds. There is one that sounds like a spaceship, another the sporty roar of a roadster, and you even have the choice to have no noise.

In short, the Genesis GV70 is one great build for your to employ as needed whether it be EV or for Sports play. And so much customization built in, no two cars would end up driving the same between two different drivers. Truly genius for those who want to make Genesis their own.


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