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2023 GV80 3.5T Prestige

This week we were sporting the Genesis GV80, and coming out of back to back weeks with the GV70, we could see the glow up. This is the 2023 GV80 3.5T Prestige.

The GV80 is Genesis’ first ever SUV, where you still get the same elegance and luxury that Genesis is known for, but with increased functionality from a bigger build.

You still get the Genesis trademark crest grill that has it easily spotted, and the two full banded LED headlights that warp around each corner of the vehicle. But in addition, a sturdier foundation, and a more stable drive from the wider stance. Round this out with sleek fenders, aggressive rims, and dominating wheels; and you have a stylish vehicle that brings you from corporate city life to little league games on the weekends.

Within, style and function continue to intertwine. With faux wood grain details, plus leather and suede mixed material. I especially appreciated the plush quilted leather seats, with electronic adjustment abilities, even for the back row. Similarly each passenger seat has their own individual fold down mirror, dual speakers on each door, and an over head light. Even the sunroof is split into two, giving the back row its own clear glass roof porthole.

As an extra nice to have, there is also a retractable window cover built into the door. It helps to shade and shield those in the back, making this the kind of vehicle that you like to drive, and would be just as happy being driven in.

The above is even more so considering the The 2023 Genesis GV80’s Road Active Noise Cancellation feature. How this works, (as per their website) is “Using accelerometers and microphones, it detects noise coming into the cabin and releases reverse phase soundwaves through speakers inside the vehicle to create a quiet ambience.” Just reading it, this sounds peaceful.

There is ample compartment space from trunk to side door buckets, and binning under the centre console. Options for your handbag or belongings when you can’t just dump it on an empty chair.

The driver’s seat sat high, with the ability to raise it even higher, allowing you head to just graze the suede ceiling. The split open arm rest is equally elevated to best support.

The GV80 drove heavy and large when behind the wheel, you definitely had to put some muscle into your steering.

Most of the controls are left to dials, the gear shift a rotary made transparent and adorned with crystal-like finishes.

What we discovered quite recently and found extremely helpful was the Genesis Touch Controller with its handwriting recognition. This is an easy way to direct your Genesis or find what you are looking on the wider infotainment system. Worth mentioning is its high resolution. You simply write out what you are looking for on the control panel’s smooth white face plate, and it grants you access to quick menus with gesture recognition.

As for the way it drives standard “AWD and an available electronic limited slip differential (E-LSD) enables optimum torque distribution on various terrains and driving conditions, ensuring stable traction and excellent off-road performance”, and you certainly felt this.

And safety with “Rear Cross-Traffic
Collision-Avoidance Assist” that alerts you when the system detects a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle while reversing. The response is a warning broadcasted on the display, along with a beeping sound. If the risk of a collision increases after this initial warning, the system will automatically initiate the brakes”.

In short, the Genesis GV80 hits all the markers for a safe and family friendly vehicle, yet living up to the Genesis brand and legacy.



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