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2023 Hyundai Tuscon HEV

This week we were sporting the 2023 Hyundai Tuscon HEV. This is an hybrid electric vehicle that combines a regular engine with an electric propulsion system. The intention is to achieve better fuel economy and better performance due of it. The result 740 plus kilometres on eco mode and ability to charge as you drive, start, and stop; thus adding even more value to the already extended fuel economy.

We found the 2023 Tucson a very stylish vehicle. It is eye catching with all its angles and edges, protruding and dipping along the exterior side panels. The design flows from the body of the car to the spokes of the rims. A futuristic design that speaks to the ingenuity of the vehicle, and extends to the exterior.

Within, the trim travels around the cabin encircling you literally. Strips of fabric between all the plastic coverings add some visual interest. Noticeable is how narrow the dash is, leaving you feeling compact and cramped in the front cabin. Whereas it feels more spacious from the perspective of the back seat passengers.

The centre console feels busy, as all the common place buttons are gathered together in one condensed space. This line up includes heating and cooling seats, the heated wheel option, and camera views.

Speaking for cameras, the Hyundai Tuscon HEV has top tire cameras, and are probably the best we have witnessed from all the vehicles we have test driven to date. 360 degree views and angles available to you when the car is not in motion. Beneficial for those who struggle to park and/or check their blind spots by traditional means.

When it comes to the seats, I wish more time was put into creating a cradle for the driver. There is no lumbar support for the passenger, and a very minute option for driver. This is such a shame given how great the drive is, and that you would have the Tucson on an extended road trip. A great vehicle to sight see in with large windows and an expansive sky light with sun roof option.

As for how it drives, the 2023 Hyundai Tucson is easy to pick up and go. Quick on the acceleration, it does not carry itself as heavy as it looks. So smooth that you feel as if you are gliding, rolling along corners, where you are left feeling the motion in the pit of your stomach. And with sport, eco, and smart modes you have the ability to customize your driving experience.

In short, a great vehicle that has helped me to appreciate the build and make of the Hyundai label all the more.


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